Strategic capital

Alternative credit

As the supply of available capital is constrained by changes in financial industry regulation and global credit market conditions, traditional banking institutions have stepped away from lending to certain areas of the credit market. As a result, new non-bank entrants have entered the market to lend to public and private companies. These new entrants offer opportunities for investors to capture higher returns that were traditionally reserved for banks and financial institutions.

Senturia Capital looks forward to provide alternative credit solutions that enhance a company’s financial flexibility, while capturing opportunities for our investors. We seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in a broad array of public and private corporate quasi-equity and credit instruments across multiple strategies.

Our activities range from providing private capital to companies when other funding sources are unavailable to investing in public debt securities that are either undervalued or represent attractive risk-adjusted returns. We aim to provide investors with enhanced income in a low growth world whilst at the same time focusing on diversification, absolute return, low volatility and capital preservation.

In addition, we are looking to provide high risk-adjusted returns by capturing the risk premium in a range of alternative credit segments. The yield premium offered by these market segments is a reflection of greater credit risk and illiquidity of the assets but is also attributable to inefficiencies in the supply of credit and reduced availability of bank capital due to regulatory capital constraints and consolidation.

Investment approach

We adopt an active approach when making investments which:

Our disciplined credit-centric investment process is founded on the belief that a deep understanding of companies and the industries in which they operate is critical to generating positive total returns and preserving principal.

We aim to minimize downside risk and protect principal by maintaining a diversified portfolio, performing intensive credit research and actively monitoring all investments.

We specialize in opportunistic credits, distressed borrowers and special situations. We are focused on properly pricing, structuring, collateralizing, monitoring and, if necessary, litigating to maximize the value of credit investments.

We seek to create value as a long term partner for target companies throughout an investment’s life cycle.

We work with independent industrial advisors to identify potential opportunities and/or signal difficult challenges that may make an investment imprudent.

Investment Strategy

Senturia Strategic Capital Fund provides capital as part of buyouts, refinancing, growth and/or distressed situations.


We seek to invest in public and private corporate quasi-equity and credit instruments that provide a regular dividend stream with high capital preservation.


We provide flexible, medium-term capital to operationally-sound businesses, across a wide range of sectors. These businesses will be mostly private companies seeking alternative funding to grow but are unable to access traditional sources of capital.


We also participate in mezzanine real estate acquisition, special situation equity investments and recapitalization, opportunistic lending, REIT debt and commercial real estate structured transactions.

Senturia Strategic Capital Fund

The Fund has been established to provide Investors with an investment exposure to alternative credit opportunities. The key features of the Fund are as below:

Fund size
MYR 300,000,000
Minimum subscription
MYR 2,000,000
Term of the fund
5 years + 2 years
Geographical focus
Primarily invest in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Australia.
Management fee
2.0% per annum
Preferred rate
9.0% per annum
Legal structure
Labuan offshore limited partnership company